Hello to everyone,

It’s been a month and a half since I arrived in Benin to set up the One World Together project to build an ecolodge. Already we have encountered our set of difficulties while making small advances but not insignificant. Here is a small summary of the status of the project.

  • A soon as I landed, I changed my tourist visa for a resident visa, otherwise it is impossible for me to create a company under which One World Together can operate.
  • Following the advice of a lawyer based in Cotonou, the creation process of the company will be initiated in January 2019. Beninese law provides certain benefits for newly created companies and especially for the first-year exercise. By creating the company in 2018, the year would have been summed up in November and December and since most of the year will be spent building the lodge, it was better to take full advantage of it.
  • Regarding the purchase or rental of land for the construction of the lodge, it is difficult to highlight what is feasible since the opinions diverge depending on the interlocutor, the mayor tells us that it is impossible for a stranger to buy when our lawyer tells us otherwise. Nevertheless, prospecting for the purchase is progressing well and I think I have found the place to build. I had to face the facts: the site I initially thought was strategically very complicated (access to water, no shade and very far from everything).
  • We found a house in Natitingou, which will serve as headquarters of One World Together. This could eventually be used to organize small motorcycle tours in the region to start having a small income to cover some of the costs

The administrative procedures take time and it is certainly only the beginning of the challenges, here are some small photos as a preview.

I hope you had a good holiday with your loved ones.

I wish you a very happy new year 2019, and I hope to come back very quickly to you with more progress to share.



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