We have decided to settle in the municipality of Boukombé, close to the border with Togo. The Eco-lodge will be built on a on top of a cliff, overlooking the Atacora mountains, offering a breathtaking landscape, both rolling and steep.

Batammariba (an Otammari tribe), will be our neighbours. This tribe is well know for its Tata-Somba. Tata is the name of their houses, traditionally built over two floors with the ground floor being used for livestock, cooking and for group life; while the first floor is divided in individual small bedrooms and granaries. Batammariba live mostly from farming and livestock.
For more information on Batammariba.

The campsite

The eco-lodge will be built as an humble campsite, friendly and with a pleasant setting. Four large tents will be set semi-permanently as guest rooms with a private open sky bathroom; they will be idealy for single occupancy as well as couples and small families. The camp will overview vast plains with Boukombé city on the horizon (15 km).

The restaurant, as for the bedrooms, will be humble and cosy.

We are planning on setting a camp area for people with smaller budget to set their own tents; where they will also have access to shared bathroom facilities.

While built the camp, we will pay special attention to having eco-friendly installations; including solar panels as well as composting toilets. We are also reviewing options to filter water, to avoid having to use plastic bottles.