“Our mission is to use tourism as a tool for enhance social cohesion, opening minds on diversity and promote travel values based on respect for the people, environment and cultures.”

The lodge will allows us be present in the local landscape. Offering accommodation, catering and various activities; our local anchoring will allow us reinvest some of our profits locally to help existing and new businesses. We want to develop each activity individually, with local communities.We aim to support the local economy thank to divers projects.

Tourists will be also to offered to partake in activities in the area, lead by and developed with local guides.

With this lodge, we want to create a human scale structure which economical and social model could replicate. This model has two main aspects: first this the ecological aspect, as the eco-lodge aims to be auto-sufficient energy and supply-wise with for example solar panels. In fine, we aim to create an inclusive, open-minded, respectful business. Or in other words, make profit to invest in social and in the environment.