One World Together is a social purpose business. Our aim is to influence the development dynamics by offering alternatives based on entrepreneurship and independence rather than dependency to funds and financing.

By establishing a company subject to Beninese law and building an eco-lodge, we want to help dynamize local economy. Once economically viable, we will reinvest our profits into local economy, supporting divers projects, associations and companies.

This way, we hope to answer two key needs:

1. Offer a fairer and more eco-friendly tourism
2. Use tourism to encourage respect and inter-cultural dialogue.

We will offer divers services for expats, the diaspora, tourists as well as Beninese. Our camp will be built to enhance exchanges and dialogue, with four well-equipped tents to rent as well as spaces for tent owners with smaller budgets.

Our website will be updated in 2019 as the project shapes, with pictures, more information and… a booking tab!