Personal Moto 

The “One World Together” (OWT) project started from the ideal that it is possible to live in a multi-cultural world where all respect human values and the environment. My personal story as let me believe that it is indeed possible. I grew up in Africa, moving between different countries, including some remote areas. Thanks to my childhood memories (yet potentially idealistic) I like to contemplate a world where all humans stop judging each other based on their look, skin colour, religious beliefs, size,…

Our societies are built on discrimination; and we are now wondering is integration possible, or is it a moral duty to welcome people running away from wars and famines. Yet ironically we support human rights and values of open borders that are the pillars the European Union was built on. And this is even more frustrating as my own identity is built on this paradoxical views: one Belgian side, European with access to one of the best social security systems in the world; and on the other side, the picture vehicle by our media of Africa and the “third-world” getting poorer and poorer.

From this, we reflected on how to build this ideal we have, in a realistic and human way.



Tourism if the first part of the answer as it seems like the most obvious way to link two different cultures. Even though it currently mostly works only one way, from Europe to Africa; to give perceptive on different countries and their richness. We believe that, when developed in a strategical and care-full way, tourism is an amazing opportunity to open minds, understanding and respect between people.

Finally, we also believe development dynamics that come from NGOs and cooperation are the only viable alternatives to this day. This project is based on these values, set up in a commercial business. The company will firstly be social; by reinvesting a major part of its profits in the local economy via projects and associations with strong social impacts and locally established.